My Trip to the Dark Side

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TRT:94 Mins

Year: 2015
Language: ENGLISH

Written by:


Directed by:







Shawn Stone is an average and all around good guy. He has a great job and he loves his family. However, one day in his life sets him on a path that could change EVERYTHING. The funding for his project fell through, his personal life is in shambles and worse yet, he’s out of time and money. Even Sean Young isn’t helping. He sees only one way to solve his problems. Unfortunately, he must turn to the dark side. While he escaped his previous trip with his morality (and life) intact, this time could be different. THIS time, there is more at risk; more to gain and to lose. The farther he goes, the more his eyes are opened to just what awaits him there. The glitz, the glamour and the girls are all very intoxicating, but Shawn knows his purpose. He must get in, and get out quickly. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and in order to “right” his own path, Shawn must deal with the darkest of dark, the porn industry, led by none other than David Prince. The “Prince” lives in the shadows and should not be trusted. He built this lurid empire and, under no circumstance, will he lose control of it. In order to outwit him, Shawn must navigate this world, avoiding the mob, murder and most of all…temptation. There is a price to be paid for playing in this realm, and the Prince is there to make sure Shawn pays it. Can he escape again, unscathed? Or will he be seduced by this world and all it can offer him? Time is running out and it’s up to Shawn and his best friend, Jacob, to see this through…and come out alive.

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