My Fair Lidy

Year Completed: 2012 nTRT: 89 mins nCountry of Origin: USA nLanguage: ENGLISH nGenre: COMEDY/DRAMA/nDRAG PERFORMANCEnnWritten by nR.P. SIMMSnnDirected bynRALPH R. CLEMENTEnnCast nCHRISTOPHER BACKUS nLEIGH SHANNONnRUS BLACKWELL
Craig Lideman- Lidy to his friends- is a blue collar worker who has fallen on hard times. After a chance meeting with Miss Sal, a successful Drag Performer, exposes him to a new career opportunity, he undertakes a strange journey of becoming a Marlene Dietrich Impersonator. nnSoon his redneck macho view of the world is challenged and as Lidy learns to accept others, others around him find it difficult to accept him. As things begin to unravel, his new world collides with his old and Lidy is forced to discover for himself, the true value of acceptance.
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