MY FAIR LIDY is Now Available on DVD

LGBT feature film My Fair Lidy has hit the DVD stalls (physical and online) with gusto. Viewers are loving the film and, as discovered in their analytics, some have come back to buy more copies to give away as gifts. The story, which deals with the unlikely friendship between a straight blue collar redneck (Christopher Backus) and a gay drag performer (famous drag performer Leigh Shannon), is entertaining and poignant: how do you get your proverbial Joe Blow to transform into Marlene Dietrich and leave behind his prejudices about gays? There are hilarious moments as the main character, Lidy, undergoes a physical transformation to impersonate movie icon Marlene, which he sees as his way to make money. Yet it's his inner transformation that captures the viewer's heart, as Lidy himself feels the prejudice and bullying that drag performers and those who are marginalized suffer daily. "A ton of powerful messages." a viewer writes. Please visit Lidy's official website for more information.
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