Burma: A Human Tragedy

Year Completed: 2011 nTRT: 85 mins nCountry of Origin: USAnLanguage: ENGLISH/ BURMESE (With Subtitles)nGenre: DOCUMENTARYnnDirected by NEIL HOLLANDERnnExecutive Produced bynANJELICA HUSTONnSABRINA CHEN LOUIEnMICHELLE YEOHnnNarrated bynANJELICA HUSTON
In this harrowing documentary the brutal regime of the military Junta in Burma is fully exposed. Through interviews with refugees, survivors and Burma's democratically elected president and Peace Nobel Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the terrifying landscape of an ongoing genocide of the ethnic minorities that flies in the face of international law comes horribly alive. Filmed surreptitiously and under constant life threatening conditions, Burma - A Human Tragedy offers a rare glimpse into the systematic human extermination that has gone pretty much ignored.nnWARNING: EXTREME CARNAGE AND MUTILATION SHOWN.
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