Blairwood Makes Case for the Independent Filmmaker

Speaking at the recent Distribution Unlocked seminar sponsored by the Indie Film Factory in Las Vegas, James Dudelson and Ana Clavell reiterated the need for the independent filmmaker to understand better the business end of filmmaking. During the course of the over two-hour long event film distribution was the central topic, focusing on foreign distribution, along with the key aspects that can make or break a sales deal.nnAddressing a packed venue, which included filmmaker and UNLV professor David Schmoeller, and Danette Tull of the Nevada Film Commission, the audience was exhorted to pay attention to their shooting budgets , their choice of distributor and quality of their deliverables. "The budget needs to be constructed around actual market sales prices.", said James Dudelson. Ana Clavell, who has a been post supervisor for many films and series, also spoke about the quality of the deliverables. "No matter how decent your film is, if you don't have an M&E, or key elements for delivery, it's likely your sales are going to be very limited."nnThe importance of a local industry was also addressed. When speaking about DVD sales, James Dudelson believed that "Effective sales are about knowing and catering to your end-user, and that end-user may be right in your backyard."
Kelly Schwarz (of Indie Filmmaker Studio) is flanked by Ana Clavell and James Dudelson.
Kelly Schwarz, of Indie Film Factory, couldn't agree more. In his closing words he exhorted all to look to the home turf as a the basis for a homegrown industry.nnIf you attended the seminar and would like to receive the list of deliverables, please fill the form below and make sure you write "deliverables list" in the message section.

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