JBF Productions, the San Francisco-based outfit fronted by Michelle Yeoh (The Lady, Crouching TIger, Hidden Dragon) and Sabrina Chen-Louie, a top producer and distributor on both sides of the Pacific, will be launching a brand new competition in the short film arena at this year’s PSISF, at the Filmmakers’ Brunch this Sunday June 23rd.

The Asian Short Film Script Competition was the brainchild of Ms. Chen-Louie, who conceived the competition as a way to bridge East and West through the power of scriptwriting.

“We are not looking necessarily for Asian-centric plots. It’s more of an invitation to incorporate an Asian theme, talent and ideas into what might otherwise be viewed as exclusively Western story lines.”, Ms. Chen-Louie says.

With PSISF alumni James Dudelson and Ana Clavell of Blairwood Entertainment on board as co-sponsors and members of the jury, Ms. Chen-Louie expects that the net to attract new and established short film talent will be cast wider. “Once we have winners we intend to have the the scripts produced with partners in Asia and America. It’s about giving unheard voices a chance. And this is a goal my company shares with Blairwood.” she adds.

James Dudelson knows every filmmaker’s plight all too well: he remembers how difficult it was to secure all the funding for his film
Matewan, his commitment to get it done surpassing all difficulties. “Sabrina came to us with the idea for the script contest and I immediately loved it, it’s not often you see a producer with this level of commitment to help writers and filmmakers realize their dreams.” Mr. Dudelson, whose short film Pitch Season competed in 2008 - and also a loyal sponsor of the Festival-, was adamant that the announcement had to happen during the PSISF. “If there is something I know is that this is the best short film festival in America, and very possibly the world.”

The short format scripts need to be written in either Mandarin or English, or both, and can originate in any country. “Having developed various projects for JBF, and after my own experience working in international content development and production, I feel strongly about a cultural exchange that will resonate with both the writers we’d like to meet, and the audience.” Ms. Clavell (
Boarding Pass, PSISF 2009) added. A veteran writer, director and producer, Ms. Clavell credits her success to “all those whose took a chance and believed in what I had to say. That’s why I think Sabrina’s concept is so important, it breaks new ground in what is means to have a cultural exchange in films.”

Ms. Chen-Louie adds: “In line with helping writers and filmmakers there will be no submission fee, and we intend to shepherd our winners into the next level, hopefully all the way into competing, and perhaps winning at next year’s PSISF!”

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Classic Australian films BUSH CHRISTMAS and WINDRIDER, starring Nicole Kidman, have been acquired by Blairwood Entertainment for worldwide distribution. Other Australian titles acquired are Mad Dog Morgan, Night of Fear, Inn of the Damned, Robbery Under Arms and The History of Australian Surfing.BushChristmas




MICHELLE YEOH (The Lady, Far North, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) Executive Produces this breath taking and riveting documentary about keeping the Himalayas green.

PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey
is the adventure of 700 people trekking across the Himalayas with a call to save the planet’s “3rd Pole,” a glacial region now devastated by the climate chaos associated with global warming.

Battling the most treacherous terrain on the planet, the trekkers spread their message of ecological compassion through human’s most basic means –by walking on foot, village to village, and showing by example.

Surviving harrowing injuries, illness, and starvation, they emerge with nearly half a ton of plastic litter strapped to their backs, triggering an historic green revolution across the rooftop of the world.

Filmmaker Wendy J.N. Lee directs and edits, and Darryl Hannah narrates.



Ryan Keller joins Blairwood Entertainment as Director of Sales and Acquisition.  Prior to joining Blairwood Entertainment Ryan was with Camelot Distribution Group, where he served as the company's Sales Associate. Working alongside the Co-Presidents,  he was instrumental in shaping their sales and digital distribution strategy with a library of over 300 titles as well as responsible for distribution agreements, contract management and acquisitions.  Ryan expanded outreach to over 2,500 international buyers and distributors while breaking new ground, selling titles in unchartered territories for the company. His relations with broadcasters, distributors, digital platforms and up and coming filmmakers allow him to keep his pulse on the market from both ends of the industry. Ryan graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Film and Business from Temple University.


Supernatural Thriller PURIFICATION is set to open theatrically in the US on April 20th. Catch a show at:

Cradle of Aviation Theater
1 Davis Ave
Garden City, NY 11530
Theater 516-572-4111
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