88 Days in the Motherlode: Mark Twain Finds His Voice

TRT: 90 mins • Country of Origin: USA• Language: ENGLISH • Genre: DOCUMENTARY • Produced by:JOHN C. BROWN• BERT SIMONIS•n
n the fall of 1864 Samuel Clemens felt that he was a failure. Recently fired from a newspaper job he didn't like anyway, he had failed as a gold miner, a silver miner, a lumber baron, a soldier and by now he was destitute. He couldn't pay for his room and board and was living off his landlady. He posted $500 bail for a friend, Steve Gillis, with money he didn't have, and Gillis skipped town. Stuck in San Francisco without options, he considered suicide as his only way out. nThat is, until Jim Gillis, Steve's older brother, offered him a sanctuary. He suggested Clemens join he and fellow gold miners at Gillis' small cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills. And the rest is history.nIncluded are interviews with scholars familiar with the 'Western' Mark Twain and rare photographs from the archives of the Tuolumne County Historical Society and the University of California Bancroft Library Mark Twain Project.
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